Three Technologies In One


Waiter Locator® by TEZ is a software utility that combines three technologies giving your customers the ultimate in guest satisfaction; App Calling, Text Messaging and now QR codes.


Your guests  use their own mobile phones to call their waiter. When you give your guests the ability to call their waiter, they order more and tables turn much quicker.


Turn Those Tables

If guests can request the check using their mobile phone, imagine how fast tables can turn? You can cut 2-3 minutes off the table time by having the waiter paged, prepare the bill and deliver it to the table.


Service When They Want It

Many restaurants have a philosophy “My waiters had better take care of their customers or they get fired”. The problem with that statement is that being over-helpful with the customer can also be bad. How many times have you been in  deep conversation, only to be interrupted with “Is there anything you need?”  Waiter Locator gives your customers what they want: Service when they want it.

Less (waiters)
Is More

Waiter Locator by TEZ is a simple solution to help contain labor costs. Fewer waiters can now serve more guests and still give them the superior service you demand. That equates to larger tips for your staff.

Full Reporting

While there are many devices on the market to page waiters, nobody has the monitoring and reporting capability of Waiter Locator.  Without this monitoring and reporting, you are unable to truly evaluate an employee’s performance.  TEZ brings full reporting along with service goals and manager notification if service is not completed in a timely manner. Your customers are demanding.  With Waiter Locator, you “Give them what they want”.

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